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Agri-Valley Communications, Inc. is a local, family-owned parent corporation of Pigeon Telephone Company, Thumb Cellular and Agri-Valley Services.

With a focus on providing big city communication services to the rural community, the company provides career opportunities in both technical and support services to 100+ individuals who are neighbors and friends to the customers they service.

Agri-Valley Communications and all its subsidiaries support the rural communities through volunteerism and community involvement; grants and scholarship and charitable donations. As the company continues to grow, it will continue the focus on meeting the communications needs of the rural area it serves.

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Agri-Valley Communitcations / avci

Welcome to AVCI

Welcome to the updated AVCI.net website – the new home of Agri-Valley Communications, Inc. in rural Pigeon, Michigan.

AVCI has created this website to improve access to the information our customers desire. Specific content about our subsidiary and affiliated companies can be found on their websites listed below. 



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About Our Companies

AVCI companies meet the communication and technology demand for ‘big city services’ in the rural communities they serve.


From the Thumb. 

For the Thumb.

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Community Focus

As a local, family-owned organization, the staff and management of Agri-Valley Communications, Inc. and its a affiliated companies are very involved in the communities we serve.