Agri-Valley Communications / History

Serving the Thumb since 1903

You could say Agri-Valley Communications’ roots go back to 1903, when a group of local farmers strung telephone wires on the fence posts to bring telephone service to their rural farmlands.

Of course over the years, the fence posts were replaced with telephone poles and the infrastructure of Pigeon Telephone Company was improved.

In 1982, changes in telephone deregulation brought the need to holding companies and subsidiaries and Agri-Valley Communications was created as the parent corporation of Pigeon Telephone Company.

By 1991, a new wireless telephone communication technology became part of the subsidiary group as Thumb Cellular began providing “car phones” throughout the thumb area.

Just five years later, Agri-Services was launched to begin providing dial-up connectivity to the “new” internet service.

Today, Agri-Valley Communications continues to update the technologies used in all its companies and is always watching for new services and equipment on the horizon.