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Career Opportunities

Agri-Valley Communications, Inc. offers a wide range of career opportunities within the corporation and its affiliated companies.

As a telecommunications-based organization, our workforce includes specialists in telephony; network infrastructure, installation and management; various IT disciplines; computer repair, service and sales; customer care and service support; administration, accounting and clerical positions; as well grounds and building maintenance.

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, Agri-Valley Communications, Inc. encourages individuals to grow through on-the-job training as well as other job-specific educational opportunities.

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Agri-Valley Communications, Inc.(and its affiliated companies), is an Equal Opportunity Employer that subscribes to a policy of nondiscrimination in all aspects of employment. Neither the Corporation nor its affiliated companies will discriminate on the basis of a person’s race, color, creed, national origin, age, sex, height, weight, religion, marital status, disability, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by applicable state or federal law.

Pursuant to the Michigan Persons With Disabilities Civil Rights Act, if an employee or applicant with a disability needs accommodation in order to perform the essential functions of his or her job, the employee or applicant must inform the Company within 182 calendar days of the date that the employee or applicant knew or should have known that such an accommodation was needed. The Company will make the accommodations if able to do so without undue hardship to the Company.

Agri-Valley Communications, Inc. will gladly accept resumes regardless of the status of current employment opportunities.  Unsolicited resumes will be maintained on file for future consideration for no less than 180 days from the date of receipt.

Questions about employment opportunities should be directed to:

or via USPS mail at:

Agri-Valley Communications, Inc.

Human Resources Department

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